Training program and journey to self for companies and individuals

Discover yourself

You have everything and yet you feel empty inside? Are you spinning in the same circles and cycling through the same or similar situations? Believe that it is not a coincidence.

How to live in harmony

and feel happy...

In my interactive workshop, you will experience what it's like to know your priorities and learn how to work better with them. You will learn how to create your happiness and how to live a fulfilled life at home and beyond. You'll have fun along the way as you discover what forms your fears and inner saboteurs can take. When you find yourself in a situation where you don't know how to move forward in your life, my workshops will give you better direction and maybe even something more.

Company and corporate mentoring

What can you learn, experience and experience in my interactive workshops? What can I better direct or motivate your team to do?

Create a positive company culture Every day is a good time to start

Personal journey - Make your dreams come true

You can also use my services of guidance, coaching, consultation, insights and last but not least personal leadership or participation in my courses.

Zahrála vám na struny nějaká věta a rádi byste věděli víc?

My workshops

How happy are you in your life right now? What would you do if you found you couldn't fail? My courses and workshops can improve the lives of those who find their place in them. Do you want to stop looking for ways out of the cycle of life or do you feel you have lost control? Do you want to change the way you think and feel? You have come to the right place.



Fulfill your potential and be happy

You will learn how your mind works together with your body and how your spiritual development affects it. All this is behind the development of your personality. You will learn new techniques and skills. You will connect these common vessels and experience an amazing shift in your life. You will understand your needs and desires. You will discover what it is like to consciously create your own life.

Success and health is a relative concept, and you will only enjoy it if you keep other areas in your life in balance as well.



Create security for you and your family.

You have no restrictions. In this workshop, you'll discover what's holding you back. You will step out of the role of victim. That's the key turning point. You'll be able to simply align your priorities and understand when it's good to be effective and when it's better to wait for results. You don't have to go for great results, thanks to the subconscious mind, success can be created through other means than hard work. Also suitable for smaller groups, e.g. in companies for key lawyers and leaders.



or how emotions affect our body

How to use this understanding to progress in your life? In this intensive workshop we will work physically with our bodies, incorporating exercises from yoga and allowing our bodies to let go of what no longer serves us. The health of our physical body is connected to our mental health, which is why I feel the need to address you, my dear clients, holistically in the workshops. I look forward to seeing you. Be SELF-SPIRIT.



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